Our Mission - Reverse the trend exists to combat the rise of bullying and bullying related suicide among young people in the U.S. By Bringing live, interactive performances directly to students we can educate them on how to deal with bullying in a safe and positive way.

OUR VISION - We believe that by sharing a message focused on finding your passion and setting personal goals, we can motivate students to focus on the positive things in their lives that will inspire them, instead of the negative things that bringing them down and hold them back.

What We Do

Reverse The Trend is an organization that provides information to students, parents, and faculty about bullying and how to overcome it in a safe and positive way through: speakers, music, assemblies, and other forms of interactive entertainment. We have seen the rise of bullying and bullying related suicide not only through the media, but in our own lives, as well as through our communication with students all across the United States.

We developed and perform a structured assembly where we create a concert atmosphere by engaging the students with popular music, followed by sharing our personal struggles with bullying, and sharing the key points of our success in overcoming it. We leave the students with an acronym (PARTTY) of six points to focus on to lead a healthy, productive life. We also leave behind postcards with contact information to allow the students to reach out to us if they are struggling.

We began sharing our positive message at schools and teen centers in 2012. It has grown to more than 150 events a year, including an average of 10 performances a week during the school year. Our program will decrease the frequency of bullying among students and teach them that they are not alone in order to prevent bullying related suicides. After the first two years of our mission we have already prevented several suicides and we have even experienced decreases of bullying up to 85% in schools that we have visited.

What We've Achieved

  • 2012 - Reverse Order makes it to the Semi-Finals on America's Got Talent. New opportunities are presented to them.
  • 2012 - The band begins performing in schools in California. While meeting students struggling with hardship they begin to share their own experiences and an idea is born.
  • 2013 - The guys come home to NJ and develop Reverse The Trend into a fully produced assembly and are certified and approved to work with students in schools. The positive feedback from parents and teachers is overwhelming
  • 2014  - Reverse The Trend breaks out of the East Coast and is now available through out all of the US. The program tours for 9 months out of the year with over 250 school time performances.
  • 2015 - Reverse The Trend is approved as a nationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization.
  • 2016 - Reverse The Trend reaches a new level and completes over 500 school assemblies.
  • 2016 - Is invited to spread their message on Van's Warped Tour.